Virtual Outreach Tutoring

About Our Organization

Virtual Outreach Tutoring is a student-led organization which is dedicated to providing free virtual tutoring and instruction to students who need help in understanding any given subject. Our tutors have great expertise and experience for a wide range of subjects, and their mission is to help students to perform above and beyond in their respective courses. 

Recent News and Updates

EleVOT: The Grand Redesigning of VOT

This year, we decided to redesign our virtual tutoring model in order to effectively support students in their academic endeavors and propagate them to greater success. To learn more about our EleVOT redesigning initiative, please visit the EleVOT page.

Introducing Special Academic Events

In 2021, VOT launched a new program known as "Special Academic Events." This program was comprised of a series of webinars and presentations that would allow students to gain meaningful tips and insight with regards to excelling through various important academic milestones such as the undergraduate college admissions process.  To learn more about our Special Academic Events programming, please visit the Special Academic Events page.

For Students: