Phase I: Adaptation to In-Person Learning

As we saw students transitioning back to in-person learning, we understood that certain time slots for virtual tutoring may not have been as convenient for students as they were during the virtual learning era. 

More information about our new session timings can be found on the Personalized Tutoring Services page:

Phase II: Development of a World-Class App

In 2022, the senior VOT leadership decided to initiate development of the VOT mobile app. This mobile app would help enhance student accessibility to the free virtual services provided by our organization. Furthermore, this mobile application would also increase our outreach globally to help fulfill our mission of effectively supporting as many students as possible in attaining greater success for their academic endeavors and career goals

At the moment, our app is still in the process of development, but a preliminary version of our app will be available for public use in late 2024. Nonetheless, further updates about our app development will be provided on this page about EleVOT.

Phase III: A Systematic Restructuring of VOT

Phase III changes for VOT will be implemented soon, and further updates about our Phase III systematic restructuring will be provided on this page about EleVOT.